Am I A Candidate?

Back Pain

Back pain is the primary symptom treated. Before you consider any treatment for your back problems, keep the following in mind: most people whose primary symptom is back pain improve in several days with minimal treatment. That’s why noninvasive treatment options should almost always be the first step in treatment. In fact, 90% of all cases involving back pain can be treated without surgery. Dr. Orisek will always recommend the least invasive treatment option available, while still providing comprehensive care. When surgery does become necessary, he will use only the most advanced technologies and surgical techniques available, helping you avoid prolonged disruptions to your daily routine.

Typically, spine surgery should be considered only after conservative treatment methods have failed. Any decision about spine surgery requires careful evaluation because the type and timing of surgery depend on the severity of the disorder, the presence or absence of pressure on the spinal cord or nerves, how long the pain has been present, and past medical history. Most often, an MRI is needed to determine this. Your primary care physician or chiropractor can help you get this ordered before you see Dr. Orisek, in order to get the most from your initial visit. Other tests that are sometimes used are CT scans, X-rays, nerve conductions studies, bone scans and discograms.
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