Exercise and Weight Loss


Exercise has been shown to increase our longevity, improve our health, aid in weight loss, prevent back injuries and reduce back pain. Knowing the best exercises to improve your health or decrease your pain is essential to a workout plan or program. Dr. Orisek or Phil Lanum may recommend land based or aquatic based physical therapy. The physical therapist will be able to help you with exercise and eventually give you exercises that you can do at home. Dr. Orisek and Phil Lanum may also recommend core strengthening or aerobic exercise. Be sure to discuss the appropriate types of exercise for you at each stage of your care.


Weight loss can be very important as every pound adds strain to the muscles and ligaments in the back. The spine can become tilted and stressed unevenly as it tries to compensate for extra weight. Over time the back may lose its proper support and an unnatural curvature of the spine may develop. Extra weight can aggravate low back pain and arthritis. The effectiveness of back surgery can also be affected by a patient’s weight.

If Dr. Orisek or Phil Lanum recommend weight loss, the patient should develop an exercise and diet program to achieve the desired goal. Before beginning any weight loss program, it is important to ensure that the program is safe. It is advisable that the patient first meet with a health professional who will take into account any back problems and back pain the patient is experiencing and who will help design an appropriate weight loss program. Dr. Orisek and Phil Lanum can recommend some basic diet and exercise tips or refer you to another physician to work closely with you to manage your weight.
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