Frequently Asked Questions

What types of insurance do you accept?

We are only contracted with Medicare, but we are happy to see patients from any insurance company as an out of network provider. Please be sure to call your insurance to find out what your benefits would be.

Is that Dr. Orisek’s soonest appointment?

We will always try to schedule new patients at our first available appointment. Dr. Orisek is often booked out for several months. We are happy to put you on a cancellation list if you are flexible with your appointment time.

Does Dr. Orisek see other body parts besides spine?

Yes. Although Dr. Orisek specializes in treatment of the spine, he is board certified with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and may see you for other conditions involving arms, elbows, hands, wrists, knees, hips, legs, ankles and feet.

I’m lost. How do I get to your office?

Our office is located in the Folsom Health & Wellness Center at 2575 East Bidwell Street, Suite 220, Folsom, CA 95630. Please go to the CONTACT page for directions.

At which hospitals does Dr. Orisek perform surgery?

Dr. Orisek performs most of his surgeries at Sutter Medical Center/ Ose Admas Medical Pavilion, Mercy General Hospital, and occasionally Greater Sacramento Surgery Center.

Do I need a referral to be seen by Dr. Orisek?

No. Some patients who have an HMO or are covered under a workmen’s compensation claim will need to have a referral, but it is not necessary for most patients. If you call to set up an appointment without a referral, just be sure to have all of your prior medical records and films available for Dr. Orisek’s review. If you have questions regarding a referral or a new patient appointment, please call our New Patient Coordinator Lily Shemereko at 916-817-6390.

What studies do I need for my appointment?

Please bring films from all prior studies to your appointment for Dr. Orisek to review. In most cases, Dr. Orisek would prefer that you have an MRI that was taken within the last year. See “Your First Visit” for other items to bring to your first appointment.

What will happen at my first appointment and how long will I be there?

Your first appointment will involve an examination and consultation. You will receive an explanation of your condition and may be provided with instructions on necessary follow-up diagnostics or appointments. Dr. Orisek will discuss the options for your diagnosis. It will take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete your initial visit and may be longer depending on the complexity of the care required. No surgeries are performed in the office and if recommended, our surgery coordinator will work with you to schedule it at a later date. Please see the section YOUR FIRST VISIT for more details.

Do you see patients covered under a Worker’s Compensation claim?

Yes. Dr. Orisek is not a member of any of the Medical Provider Networks (MPNs), but he is happy to see you as long as your visit is authorized. Your Primary Treating Physician (PTP) can request for authorization for a consult with Dr. Orisek and then send the referral to our office.

How do I get my prescriptions refilled?

Please have your pharmacy fax the refill requests to our office at 916-817-6385. If you have any questions regarding your refill requests, please contact the medical assistant at 916-817-6390. Please allow 2 – 3 business days to process your refill requests.

When will my surgery be scheduled?

We cannot schedule a surgery at the hospital until we have received authorization for the surgery in writing. Our surgery coordinator, Sue Kort, will work closely with you to schedule your surgery as soon as we have obtained this authorization. She will also coordinate your pre-operative appointments and tests, as well as your post operative appointments. She can be reached at 916-817-6390.
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