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Temporary Disability Benefits

If your surgery will require you to take time off from work, you may qualify for temporary disability benefits through the State of California.

Click Here For More Information on Temporary Disability Benefits.
Click Here To Download the Form for Temporary Disability Benefits.
Click Here To Request a Form For Paid Family Leave.

Post Surgery Devices

You may have been given an H-Wave device and/or a bone growth stimulator at your first follow up appointment. H-Wave is a unique form of comfortable and effective electronic stimulation that focuses on pain control and soft tissue rehabilitation. By temporarily shutting down the nerves responsible for transmitting pain signals, treatments with H-Wave provide many hours of relief from just a single treatment and help curb the use of oral pain medications. Another setting stimulates specific muscles in the body to significantly improve blood flow and lymphatic action. H-Wave is indicated for use both pre- and post-operatively and helps to speed recovery.

Click on the H-Wave logo to be directed to their website where you can learn more.

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