Stages of Care

During your first new patient appointment, Dr. Orisek will review your medical history and your previous diagnostic testing. It is very important to bring your completed New Patient Packet, any and all prior medical records, as well as all prior radiologic films to that appointment.

Depending on your symptoms and the prior care you’ve had, Dr. Orisek will outline his recommendations for you. Recommendations could include additional diagnostic testing, physical therapy, and pain management. He will be happy to answer your questions. Most patients will schedule a follow up appointment to review the results from their recommended testing or treatment.

When a patient has not responded to various methods of conservative treatment, surgery may be recommended. When surgery is recommended, our staff works closely with you in scheduling the surgery and pre and post operative care needed. After surgery, patients will follow up with Dr. Orisek or the physician’s assistant Phil Lanum for up to a year or until they have reached their maximum potential of recovery.
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