Your First Visit

For us to best treat your condition or injury, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of your current health status and your medical history. When you come in for your initial consult, please bring all of the items listed below. If Dr. Orisek does not have all of your relevant medical records and films at the time of your visit, your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

What to Bring to Your First Appointment:

  1. Your New Patient Packet completely filled out
  2. Previous X-Rays, CT Scans, or MRI Scans: Films AND Reports must be provided
  3. Medical records of previous testing or treatment (EMGs, physical therapy, etc.)
  4. A list of current medications
  5. Insurance card and co-payment, if applicable
  6. Driver's License
Upon arrival at our office, please sign in at the front window, where the completion of all appropriate forms will be verified, and where you will be asked for personal and insurance information. You will also be asked to review the Notice of Privacy Practices and to sign an Acknowledgement, Consent & Release form. Once registration is complete, you will be escorted to the first available exam room. The medical assistant will weigh you and take your vitals as well as reviewing your current medications. Dr. Orisek will then meet with you for an examination and consultation.

Dr. Orisek will discuss the options for your diagnosis. It will take approximately two hours to complete your initial visit and may be longer depending on the complexity of the care required. After your examination and consultation, you will receive an explanation of your condition and may be provided with instructions on necessary follow-up diagnostics or appointments. Most follow up appointments are scheduled with our Physician’s Assistant Phil Lanum. Please understand that due to the nature of our practice, emergencies do arise that may cause your appointment to be delayed or even rescheduled.

We appreciate your patience!

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